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If you believe something needs to exist, if it’s something you want to use yourself, don’t let anyone ever stop you from doing it. – Tobias Lütke

This quote by Tobias Lütke, is a powerful reminder of the importance of pursuing our passions and not letting others discourage us.

Tobias Lütke is a German-Canadian entrepreneur and software engineer, who founded Shopify, an e-commerce platform, in 2004. The platform enables individuals and businesses to create their own online stores and sell their products. Lütke, was once a software developer for a snowboard shop, and he was inspired to create Shopify after struggling to find an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that would allow him to sell his own products online.

This saying indeed is an embodiment of Lütke’s own entrepreneurial journey.

We all have dreams and ideas that we believe in, things that we want to see exist in the world. But often, we let others discourage us from pursuing those dreams. We listen to the naysayers, the skeptics, and the doubters. We let their words and opinions hold us back.

But as this quote reminds us, if we truly believe in something, if it’s something that we want to use ourselves, we should never let anyone stop us from doing it. We must have the determination and persistence to see our ideas come to life.

The saying  encourages individuals to take action and create what they believe in. It’s a call to action to have self-belief, to be determined and persistent, and to have the courage to bring our ideas to life. Lütke’s story is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and dreamers, showing that with hard work anything is indeed possible.

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